2 Ft x 6 Ft4000 W415 V
3 Ft x 7 Ft7000 W415 V
3 Ft x 10 Ft10000 W415 V
3 Ft x 12 Ft12000 W415 V
3 Ft x 15 Ft18000 W415 V
3 Ft x 20 Ft22000 W415 V


  • Curing for plastisol, Pigment, Flock,Hidensity, Foam, Sticker, Dischage and all types of links.
  • Non Stick Teflon Conveyor belt.
  • AC Gear motor & digital AC drive with adjustable speed regulator.
  • Ceramic & IR type heater with insulation.
  • Digital temperature controller with automatic temperature cut off.
  • Belt guide shaft. It avoids irregular belt running path.
  • Two parts Heater ON/OFF system.
  • Easy to move machine from one place to another place with rolling wheels.
  • Exhaust chimney removes smoke and gas from Heating Chamber.
  • Noiseless & smooth running capability.
  • Low power consumption.